Why Membership?

When we think about joining a church, we all have various views based upon our church experiences. For some, it involves being a part of a local church body; joining a church shows your commitment to it. For others, church membership seems unnecessary; they plan on getting involved and serving, whether or not they formally become a member. Because of negative experiences with a church, some are leery of joining another group. Others simply don't want to make a commitment.  Below you will find some reasons to consider becoming a member of Faith Church.


We recognize the need for and benefit of formal membership in a local church. We would ask that those who are interested in our ministry prayerfully consider becoming a member of Faith Church for a number of reasons:

IDENTIFICATION. Membership in a local church defines who is identifying with that group. There is a mutual commitment to its doctrine, values, goals and approach to ministry. In the same way that schools must have enrollment, teams have rosters, and companies have employees, so too it is important to know who is identifying with our purposes, ideals, and ministry. It's important to know who is wanting to be a part of our congregation.

COMMITMENT. We live in a culture where few people want to commit to anything. Because of that attitude, marriages, businesses, and relationships of all kinds suffer. A consumer mentality has developed unhealthy reasons for finding a home church. When things become difficult, they move on to a different church body. It is important that we prayerfully choose to commit to a local church, invest in it and be invested in, serving together with others to carry our God's purposes and plans.

ACCOUNTABILITY. Similarly, our culture breeds a strong individualistic mentality. Western culture fosters an independent spirit that can be unbiblical and unhealthy. A willingness to be mutually accountable with others is an essential characteristic for members of a healthy church. Helpful metaphors for understanding what the church is include a family, a team and a body. It is important to recognize that we are interdependent. 

SPIRITUAL HEALTH. Spiritual growth and health do not happen in a vacuum. As believers fellowship together, identify with each other, and commit to stimulating each other to love and good deeds, that maturity will develop in them. The body builds itself up in love through a loving commitment of each member doing its part.


There are two qualifications for membership at Faith Church: 

1. Believers (Those who have personally by faith received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior).

2. Identify with Faith Church and are willing to support the doctrine, philosophy of ministry, and direction of our local church.


Typically, one would become a member of our church by doing the following:

1. Meet with an Elder to gain an understanding of who we are as a local church.

2. Fill out an application for membership (below)

3. Meet with representative(s) of the Elders Ministry Team  for an informal discussion, Q & A, and a time for you to share your spiritual journey and process of coming to faith in Christ. The following month, the Leadership Board will meet and affirm the recommendation of you for membership, each member of the congregation will receive an email regarding the recommendation, and then you will be welcomed as a member.


Fill out the form below and someone will contact you regarding membership.