The primary goal of Quiet Waters is simply to come into God’s presence and be with Him! It is not for teaching, although there will be brief sessions of instruction on the process of being in His presence. It is not for worship, although there will be sessions of singing, worship, and praise. It is not primarily for prayer, although we may have times of both personal and reflective prayer as well as corporate and small group prayer. Our goal is simply to seek the Father and learn better how to just be with Him. Consider Quiet Waters as an investment in your soul.

Weekend Schedule


5:30pm         Late Registration

6:00pm         Introduction & Opening Remarks

6:30pm           Evening Session


8:00am           Morning Session

11:30pm          “Listening Prayer” Ministry & Personal Reflection Time

11:30am           Workshops (each repeated) 

& 1:00pm              #101


2:30pm           Panel Workshop Q & A

4:30pm           Final Session