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When The Picture Breaks Series When The Picture Breaks

Mark 2:1-12
Pastor Scott Owens | 2.11.18

Caring for Elderly Parents Series Caring for Elderly Parents

Mark 7:9-13
Guest: Gary Hvass | 2.4.18

Parenting Series Parenting

Selected Passages
Pastor Mike Sager | 1.28.18

Sexuality - God's Idea Series Sexuality - God's Idea

1 Thessalonians 4:1-8; 1 Corinthians 6:9-20
Pastor Mike Sager…



Examining God's design, purpose and plan for the Family.

Unto Us | Advent 2017

What does it mean that Jesus came unto us? Let's delve into the amazing account from Isaiah 9:6 of Jesus' birth in Bethlehem.


From Prison, Paul writes a letter to encourage Christians in Philippi to live with purpose, hope and joy because of knowing Christ.

Following Jesus As One Body

Why do we do what we do as a church body? Let's get on the same page as we follow Jesus together.

Lies Christians Believe

When we start accepting lies as truth, we can get caught living in bondage to them. Let's uncover the truth that leads to freedom.

God's Word Changed My Life

God's Word is active and the Holy Spirit uses it to change lives. Listen to the words of someone who has been personally impacted.

Pictures of Redemption

Easter reflections on the images that make up the story of redemption. Jesus came, died as the passover lamb, and He is now risen!

People of Prayer

Join us as we study the prayers of saints of the past, and look to apply their examples as blueprints for our own prayer lives.


God is inviting us to come to Himself, and to everything that brings us meaning, purpose, peace, joy and fulfillment now through eternity!

Foretold | Advent 2016

God foretold this remarkable birth of Christ centuries before it came about. The prophetic words of the Old Testament are a powerful witness


Thanksgiving is about celebrating our shared hope rather than our differences that divide us.

You Have A Gift

Listen as we delve into what it means that the Spirit has given each of His children gifts!

Your Work Matters

The work that you do matters.

Making Margin

Discover the kind of margin that can be made when we allow Jesus to carry our burdens and find true rest for our souls.

An Enduring Faith

What does it mean to have an a enduring faith? Join us as we study through a 4 part series on 1st Peter

Stop, Drop & Roll

Pastor John Gerhardt from Urban Impact shares powerful truths such as "hate is easy, love takes courage." And all the people say AMEN

Journey with Jesus

Join us on the Journey with Jesus as we go through the book of Mark!

Tell All About It

This Advent season, tell others about God's goodness.

4 Priorities

A series about growing together in Christ through Love, Worship, His Word, and through Prayer.

It's Not About Me

A series about how the Bible tells us to relate to others.

Not So Bitty... Ity's



This series walks through the first 11 chapters of the book of Genesis to understand how our beginnings shapes our present.