Chapter 2 | Jacob & Esau

Hook into God’s Word

Tell about a time God did something in your life (or the life of someone close to you) that was totally unexpected and surprising.

Context of the Story

Jacob and Esau were the twin grandsons of Abraham. In Chapter 1 of The Story, God made humans in his image, but they sinned against God and brought all sorts of evil into the world. Sin tainted everything, but God made significant promises to Adam and Eve, Noah, and then Abraham. God chose Jacob to start his new nation, Israel, but his feuding with Esau seemed to stand in the way of accomplishing God’s purposes.

Tell the Story

Have the storyteller/reader say, “Here is the story from God’s Word,” before telling the story to the group.

Rebuild the Story

  1. Because Jacob had shrewdly acquired Esau’s birthright and stolen their father’s blessing, Jacob feared his brother’s revenge. How did Jacob prepare for his meeting with Esau?
  2. What attitude did Jacob have when he wrestled with the “man” who Jacob eventually realized was actually God?
  3. What does this story reveal to us about God?
  4. Did you see anything new in this story?
  5. Do you have any questions about anything in this story?

Application Questions*:

Is there anything that you are wrestling God about? What does your wrestling look like?

Does God’s grace toward Jacob remind you of anything in your own life? Who can you extend grace to this week?


Choose a storyteller/reader for next week: ________________

Share prayer requests and pray for each other.

*feel free pick and choose or to add your own questions - 

more questions can be found in the back of The Story book

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