Desired Outcome: 

Put Faith in Jesus


  • Jesus - Introduce to who Jesus is and what he has done
  • Bible - Introduce to God’s Story
  • Church - Introduce to God’s Family

Child Dedication - Parent + Church commitment to “bring them in the in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4).”


Modeling - Children learn by modeling.  It starts with parents loving God and that love overflowing to how to life is lived with children and one’s community.  

Time - Intentional time set aside for disciple-making - i.e. - Sunday Morning Worship, Family Devotions, Discipleship Dates, etc.   

Moments - Teachable moments in everyday life.  Pointing out disciple-making moments and talking about them together.   

Milestones - Special moments in the disciple-making adventure - i.e. - Conversion, Service, Disciple-making, etc.


Children’s Resources

  • The Big Picture Story Bible - David Helm - Ages 2-7
  • Jesus Storybook Bible – Sally Lloyd Jones – Ages 4-8

Parent/Grandparent Resources

  • How to Really Love Your Child – D. Ross Campbell
  • Parenting: 14 Gospel Principals – David Paul Tripp
  • Grandparenting - Dr. Josh Mulvihil