Empower | Spiritual Young Adult

Desired Outcome - Discover gifts + Serves others



  • Gospel - Developing ability + desire to share the gospel with others
  • Bible - Developing ability + desire to share the Scriptures with others
  • Church - Increasing ability + desire in serving others with time, treasure and talents  

Tools for Disciple-making

Modeling - Children learn by modeling. It starts with parents loving God and that loving relationship overflowing to children and community.

Time - Intentional time set aside for disciple-making - i.e. - Sunday Morning Worship, Family Devotions, Discipleship Dates, etc.   

Moments - Teachable moments in everyday life.  Pointing out disciple-making moments and talking about them together.   

Milestones - Special moments in the disciple-making adventure - i.e. - Conversion, Service, Disciple-making, etc.  


Children’s Resource’s

  • ESV Student Bible - Ages 10+ 
  • The Radical Book for Kids: Exploring the Roots and Shoots of Faith – Champ Thornton
  • Window on the World – Molly Wall

Parent Resources

  • Gospel Conversation Guide
  • 4 Chair Discipling - Dann Spader - [disciple-making]
  • Christian Belief - Wayne Grudem - [theology]
  • Caring for One Another - Ed Welch [soul care]
  • Confronting Christianity - Rebecca McLaughlin - [apologetics]