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Gist: the bottom line, the nuts and bolts of something. As a psychologist and pediatrician, we see so many parents experiencing immense stress related to raising their kids. Some stress is inflicted by society and culture, but much more is because parents don't know what to do. The result is a child who doesn't mature, falls behind where they should be, and experiences an inordinate amount of shame. They are not life-ready when they leave home and the consequences are easy to see. Join us in trying to turn around current parenting thought which hinders maturity in our kids. GIST is a new parenting paradigm that will challenge you to think differently about how you raise your children.
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The Essence of Raising Life Ready Kids with Michael Anderson


Saturday, March 17, 2018 | 9:00 am - 1:00 pm | $10.00 Admission
Faith Church is excited to host Michael Anderson, who co-authored Gist: The Essence of Raising Life-Ready Kids. He'll be speaking about an effective, efficient and enjoyable new way to think about parenting that is most appropriate for kids ages 4 through 19. Register Below

Cost: $10.00 covers admission and seminar refreshments.
Location: Faith Church, 1800 12th St. SW Austin, MN 55912
Looking for Childcare? Faith Students would like to babysit as a Summer mission trip fundraiser. E-mail Pastor Scott Owens to line up a babysitter. *Limited number of students available.


Raising children today has never been more challenging as parents feel the stress of watching their children grow up not ready for life in the adult world. GIST will give new and valuable insight into the process of how kids mature through their experiences of life, what the authors call a "checklist to adulthood." The authors write about new ways of thinking about learning and anti-learning, fun and joy, self-esteem, minimizing shame, understanding self-protective behavior, over-talking to your kids, why kids do stuff that drives you crazy, and the importance of truth-telling. Read More


Michael Anderson is a licensed psychologist with an active practice in the Twin Cities. He graduated from Trinity College and received his graduate degree in clinical psychology from Wheaton College Graduate School. He has worked in the field of social work and family psychology for more than thirty years, focusing on children, adolescents, and their parents. In addition to parenting his own three children, Michael and his wife have been short term foster parents for thirteen adolescents. Michael is a frequent speaker on the topics of mental health, parenting, and raising life-ready kids and has consulted with school boards, teachers, coaching staffs, and youth leaders in implementing many of the principles in this book. He has also been a supervisor of foster homes. He loves the Boundary Waters, outdoor adventuring, great lyrics, traveling without maps, learning about local cultures, and seeing kids learn to thrive.  Email Michael

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