JUNE 10-14 | 9:00 am - NOON

Children who have completed K-6th grade are invited to learn about and celebrate Jesus' love with friends, music, and games! On Friday, (June 14 at 7:00 pm) they'll perform a musical for all to come and see! Register below June 11 to get your spot! $30/child, $50/family.


Deep in the recesses of a hidden location, in the headquarters of the Jerusalem Intelligence Service 3 (JI3) -- a spy organization so top-secret that no Bible scholar has ever known they existed -- the operatives are hard at work on one of their most puzzling investigations ever. Surveillance detected a clandestine meeting between a top official -- the pharisee Nicodemus -- and the much talked about teacher and miracle worker, Jesus of Nazareth. The content of the meeting? A cryptic message about being "born again," and  mysterious promises of "eternal life!" Though often more eager than they are shrewd, the crackerjack team at JI3 will employ all their best spycraft to uncover the truth, deploying a high-tech listening device (two ram's horns joined with a string), dispatching talking parrots -- even planting bugs where necessary (itchy bug-bites will make anybody talk)!


Download the songs through this ITUNES LINK to begin learning the songs together. 


Download this WORD SHEETS DOCUMENT to start learning the words to the songs from the "Born Again Identity" kids' musical by Rob Howard and David Guthrie.