"Don't go to church, BE the church." - Pastor Mike Sager

The purpose of Faith Church, as followers of Jesus Christ, is to encourage each other to grow in Christ-likeness with the priorities of love, worship, His Word and prayer, and to invite others to join us. Simply put, we are Following Jesus Together.


We are FOLLOWING JESUS CHRIST. He is our Lord and Savior, the Head of the Church.

We are ENCOURAGING EACH OTHER. Spirit-led relationships build healthy community.

We are GROWING IN CHRIST-LIKENESS. Transformation is God's work in us as we emphasize Love, Worship, His Word and Prayer.

We are INVITING OTHERS TO JOIN US. Our heart's desire is to see others come to saving faith in Christ. 


We are growing in Christ through LOVE. Love for God, for one-another, for others.

We are growing in Christ through WORSHIP. Surrendering to God and serving others.

We are growing in Christ through HIS WORD. Studying the Bible and sharing it with others.

We are growing in Christ through PRAYER. Developing intimacy with God and interceding for others.


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